Welcome to Maarifa College!

Maarifa College is an institution of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Education MOHEST/PC/1803/012 as a training and examination Centre Number 47803101.

Maarifa College offers Certificate, Diploma and Degree in Arabic Language, in collaboration with Khartoum International University for Arabic Language in Sudan.

It has been nurturing professional careers developer working in Kenya since 2011, from its campus in South C, Nairobi City. It extended its services to a wide range of partners and a large number of individuals.

Area of Studies

Language Courses (English, Kiswahili and Arabic).

Computer Applications and IT Courses.

Accounting and Business Courses.


Professional Certificate Courses (Online)

  • Online certificates can be obtained in a range of specialized areas.
  • Online diplomas are awarded for one to two years of study.
  • Online preparatory year programs are an opportunity for students.


Google Certified
Microsoft Certified
Apple Certified