Admission Requirements

(1) The admission requirements shall be as follows:

(A) Success in secondary education or equivalent.

(B) The application shall be open for acceptance after the administration has announced the commencement of the submission in the media.

(C) The secondary certificate obtained in the same year shall be submitted.

(D) Acceptance of BA is in percentage which is calculated from the four articles (Arabic - English - Religious Education - Basic mathematics Ooualemt_khassh) are added to three articles of materials eligible for admission is determined by the college concerned.

(E) Acceptance of diplomas in percentage, which is calculated from five articles determined by the College concerned and approved by the Admission Committee and the secondary certificate shall be in the same year of admission. Provided that it is allowed to submit the previous certificates for the year of admission after the announcement of the result of acceptance.

(F) Admission is submitted through a single form prepared by the Department and no amendment or addition to the wishes is granted to the student after the form has been saved.

(G) The student has the right to compete for admission to all faculties in all universities after fulfilling all the general admission requirements and the requirements of the institutions.

(H) The article calculates the percentage of admissions only once.

(I) All requirements are met in one secondary certificate obtained in one academic year.