About us

Maarifa University College is a private middle class institution that is fully registered with the Ministry of Higher Education Science Technology. Registration No. (MOHEST/PC/1803/012) within Mandera County and managed by a Board of Directors .The idea of the institute was first thought of in 2008.It was then established in October 2011by an initiative of the youths of Mandera Town after the collapse of Mandera Technical Institute. It’s the only operating tertiary institution in the marginalized Mandera County.

It aims at offering Diploma and Certificate course leading to degrees at the East African University. We also offer other short courses. In 2011 the Ministry of Education at the national level Inspected the institute and gave it a go ahead to start operations as it processed its registration which was done in July 2012.
The Board of Directors decided to start the institute with minimal capital that was available to empower the youths of Mandera who are mainly poor and needy and cannot afford to travel to major towns to look for tertiary education. This initiative also aimed at elevating the economic status of Mandera County which has been lagging behind since Kenya got its independence as compared to other towns in this country.

Through professional and technical programmes offered at the institute, a growing number of students have since enrolled. Some of the courses running at the moment include; Computer Studies, Languages, Graphic design, Nutrition and Health and Business related courses, some short courses that are also running include Customer Care, Project writing, Monitoring and Evaluation just to mention a few.
The constant increase in the number of students enrolling has been due to our strategic placement in the market of tertiary institution within Mandera county and provision of courses that address the needs of this society.

In October 2013 Maarifa College Signed an MOU with the East African University making it a constituent university college of the East African University resulting to an increase in the number of students interested in higher learning and bring higher education closer home..

The institute charges low fees that can be afforded by the students of Mandera County. This has enabled parents to pay these fees and even better in monthly installments to lessen the burden for them. Very needy students have also benefited from scholarships offered by the institute to enable them complete their tertiary education.

The establishment of Maarifa university College has not been without its challenges. The fee collected which is usually not much is mainly used for salaries and other running costs. This in a way limits initiating other programmes.

Secondly, there is already a strain on the facilities in place .These include few lecture rooms that are shared by the increasing number of students and the small Library which the institute is struggling to maintain .

The cost of running an institution in Mandera is also high since most of the staff have to be out sourced from outside the county and learning material is also expensive due to the long distance from the Nearest city.

The community's laxity towards education and the entire country’s negative attitude towards Mandera have also been a hindrances to smooth running of things.

With the war currently in Somali we hope that normal learning will not be affected given that Mandera Town is a stone throw away from Kenya-Somali border.